Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Swim Time Trial

MY CALF muscles feel amazingly a lot better this morning, and after complete rest since last Sunday I feel good and ready to rock. Time to focus on next Sunday's event in Torrevieja.

Swim time trial today at the Torrevieja Sports City pool, Started with 10 lengths (500m) with the centre snorkel concentrating on the left arm pull position not crossing over the body line, which is causing me to drift right. Then 16 lengths (800m) front crawl with the pull buoy, followed by 4 lengths (200m) without. The pull buoy is useful for keeping the legs "quite", to help prevent cramps. Got some magnesium effervescent tablets today to help with that.

Time for 800 metres 19:06, average pace 2:23 /100m.

Followed that with an easy bike ride to check out the route for race day.