Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day #2, Week #1: Sprints at Dawn

One of the beach boardwalks is perfect for my sprints

OFF TO a good early start today with a triple session from the new training programme. Sprints at dawn following my intermittent fast and I'm focused once again (Monday's are intermittent fasting days for the next 6 weeks).

I performed 15 x 100 metre sprints along one of the boardwalks on Playa Naufragos. I haven't done sprints for a while, my legs were a little sore afterwards.

Followed the sprints with an ab workout then jogged back to the apartment to put on my wet suit for a swim. I worked on my stroke technique with snorkel, paddles and fins for 4 x 350 metre laps in the marina paying special attention to the left arm position not crossing over my body on the pull.

In the evening out on the bike for intervals along the RSK Kanaltempo (the service road between San Miguel de Salinas and Villamartin).