Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Day #9, Week #2: Does lowing body fat effect athlete performance?

The Omron Body Fat Monitor is widely considered one of the best gizmos
available on the market for measuring body fat percentage

MY TRAINING week starts with a 24 hour intermittent fast on Mondays, then the following morning performing a mix of HIIT, an ab workout and steady state cardio while still in fasted state for optimum fat loss.

A study by exercise professor and coach Dr. Todd Miller demonstrates "specific anaerobic performance tests performed (see research paper), increases in external loading as low as 2% of body weight results in significant decreases in performance."  

Mark Perry of BuiltLean.com asks "what happens if you are a triathlete, or competitive runner with 20% body fat and a good 10-20 lb of fat to lose? Well you are essentially carrying the equivalent of a 10-20 lb dumbbell with you at all times, which is going to have a massive impact on your athletic performance." Click here to read the full article.

Followed sprints with an open water swim drilling on mechanics. Performed 4 x 350 metre laps.

Evening tempo ride with Cadence Trainer app @ 90.

The goal is lower my body fat percentage to under 10% by race day on Oct 4th. Currently I am 13%. Less body fat should make me a more lean mean triathlete machine.