Saturday, 2 May 2015

Day #34, Week #5: BRICK Day

ONE FOR AW... Vocal Boothers train colour coordinated. Mi amigo Andy Ward, Vocal Booth Weekender Top Dog, purchased a bike yesterday and started training for the big day. Must remind him about the party at his pad after the event... that's the reason we're doing this, isn't it?

BRICK training this morning, an open water 1400 metre swim up and down the marina twice (with snorkel and fins) followed by a 38k bike ride up the cycle path to the AP7 motorway. Tried out the new Orca 226 race suit under the wet suit and it was perfect. Changed gear for the bike ride this time around, will try out a proper transition next weekend. The new Oakley M2's are fantastico!

Dropped my iPhone from the bike and broke the screen for the second time in a fortnight. At this rate it'll be cheaper to buy a Garmin power meter.