Sunday, 3 May 2015

Day #35, Week #5: Rest Day / TriWhite Cup 2015

ROUND 2 of the TriWhite Cup 2015 in Alicante today, so I rescheduled my training in order to spectate and try to pick up a few tips. I arrived in time for the start of sprint triathlon and waded in to the sea for a quick video shoot >>>

My first impression of the event was how it appeared to be organised chaos with participants, spectators and tourists everywhere. However, as White Events are very experienced in organising these events it soon became apparent everything was under control and the triathletes all got underway on schedule in the there respective events. Note to self is to arrive early, get registered and avoid the hassle, though I expect the Pilar de Horadada event to be less busy.

It's clearly a good idea to stick to the outside at the start of the swim to stay out of harms way... unless you're Michael Phelps out front going for gold.

I also noticed how a lot of the participants struggled with the first transition, from swim to bike, getting their feet into their cycle shoes on the bike pedals, Some even came to a complete stand still for what seemed an eternity while they faffed around with the pedals. Practice, practice, practice... it's free time!