Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Day #45, Week #7: Bike Day

BIKE RIDE was going well this morning... right up to the time I came off. Just after 41 km and whilst trying to maintain a pace ave. of 25 km/h I got my first opportunity to practice how to look cool after falling off a bike .... major fail!

I was picking up speed on an incline and hit the curb exiting a roundabout. Too fast or bad corning? Probably inexperience, Perhaps I should have L plates. Poor Willie suffered a split front tyre and a puncture, while fortunately I limped away with just a few scrapes.

Whilst trying to repair the puncture I wasn't able to get the tyre back on the wheel and managed to punctured the new inner tube in the process, so Mush came to the rescue in the Sparksmobile and we headed straight for Freddy at Bikemania for the repairs.

On the plus side, I got a funky looking new red and black Maxxis Detonator KV 60 TPI front tyre.