Friday, 29 May 2015

Day #61, Week #9: BRICK Day

A SORTA BRICK day, swim in the morning then run in the evening.

Maybe it's the shape of my head but my trouble with swim googles may finally be solved with a new pair of Speedo Rift Biofuse, which is more of a mask than a goggle. My Zoggs Predador Flex were OK, however they let in water occasionally and I managed to loose them anyway. When I couldn't find another pair at Ciclos Boyer Elche I purchased the Zoggs Phantom Elite as a replacement and they let in water. I also bought a pair of Speedo Aquapure IQfit, they let in water and fog up. So with a bit a research, I decided to try a mask style goggle. These sure feel good, will test tomorrow.

For an evening run I wanted to test my endurance with a long run and I achieved my farthest so far, maintaining a steady pace throughout. I ran 10 km at an average pace of 6:02 min/km. That's a speed I am happy with for now and hopefully I'll get it under 6 minutes on race day, Needed a good stretch session to finish. View run on Nike+