Sunday, 10 May 2015

Day #42, Week #6: Swim Day

MY FIRST swim-bike-run training session yesterday allows me to concentrate just on swimming today. Covered about 1400 metres up and down the marina this morning mixing up swim drills with the catch up stroke.

The mechanics of the stroke feel good, though I'm sure a pro trainer would put me right on a few things. However, I don't want to complicate things at this stage by taking swim lessons (perhaps later). I will continue to work on the drills I have watch on YouTube and steadily increase my distance performing front crawl. My breathing technique has improved and I'm able to hold a steady pace, though not for any considerable distance yet. The one thing I must do to prepare for race day is complete 750 metres front crawl unaided. I must be confident on race day knowing that I am able to complete the distance. That's the goal in the water for the next four weeks.

I find this drill particularly useful, balanced kicking on your side, it's also useful if you loose your rhythm mid stroke and need to catch a breath >>>