Sunday, 17 May 2015

Day #49, Week #7: Bike Day

GET YOURSELF some proper cycling shoes for more pedal was my advice to Andy today... having forgot earlier to unlock my shoes from the clip pedals when coming to a halt, and consequently falling over... again. "That's not a smile. That's holding back the tears. Very misleading photo." claimed Senor Ward.... yeah, right!

It was an Oscar winning performance near Rebate right in front of a large group of mountain bikers, performed much to their amusement. Then further up the road and my derailleur decided to part company from the bike frame, and off I fell again... double ouch. No bones broken, just a bruise on my left hip to match the bruise on my right hip from the crash four days ago. It wasn't a fault of the cycling shoes, but inexperience on my part.

Dust me self orf and up an at 'em! I did manage to do some cycling, 37 km before the incident. It was my first group ride and a lot of fun despite the breakdown.

Thanks to Andy Ward, Dave Tait and Paul Baxter. I hope we can all do it again soon.... I think I put Andy off cycling shoes.