Saturday, 16 May 2015

Day #48, Week #7: BRICK Day

THEY SAY the best way to train for a sport is to replicate the training like the actual event.

That was the aim of today's session which covered the distances of a sprint triathlon but without the "race time" transitions. First up was an open water swim, then on to the bike for a 20 km ride, followed by a 5 km run.

For the swim I used the paddles and fins, drilled for 350 metres, followed that by 700 metres performing mostly front crawl with some balanced kicking on the sides, followed that by 350 metres front crawl straight off. Next time out it's time to loose the fins, but I will stick with the paddles for now as they really help work the shoulder muscles.

Then on to the bike to test trial my sparkly new Mavic Tri Race shoes, and headed off up the Torrevieja Greenway to the Quesada roundabout and back. I can certainly feel more available power in my legs using proper cycling shoes. Increased ave. speed to 25.7 km/hr. Very happy with yesterdays purchase.
Back to the apartment for a change of gear then off running to the end of Torrevieja pier and back. Well pleased that I managed to maintain a 6:00 min/km pace for a sub 30 5k. View run on Nike+

Great session, a 1000+ calorie burn and progressing in the right direction.